Colorful Simulation Flame Diffuser USB Plug-in Fragrance Office Home Flame Humidification Diffuser Diffuser

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• Colorful Simulation Flame :The colorful simulation flame creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, perfect for any room.


• USB Plug-in :The USB plug-in feature makes it easy to use and convenient for any location.


• Fragrance Diffuser :The fragrance diffuser adds a pleasant scent to the air, leaving your room smelling fresh and clean.


• Mist Discharge Humidification Method :The mist discharge humidification method ensures that the air is moisturized evenly, providing maximum comfort.



Container Diversity and High Volume

Automatic stop at low water level


Mini size:251*67*75mm

Material:ABS + PP


Coverage Area:11-20 square meters

Multiple usage occasions:office, living room, bedroom and so on.


How to use:

Step 1: Atomization switch:

Short press the switch to turn on the spray and flame lights after opening.

Short press the switch again to turn off the spray and all lights.

Short press the first switch to turn on the flame light mode.

Short press the second switch to activate the colorful light cycle mode.

Step 2:Light switch:

Short press the third turn on key to stay on the monochrome light.

Press the fourth on key to turn off the light mode.

(If the atomization switch has been turned on, press the light switch briefly to turn on the colorful light. Short press again to stay on the monochrome light, short press again to turn off light.)

Step 3:Timer switch:

Short press the first turn key to startH timing.

Short press the second switch key to start the 3H timing.

Press the third switch key to start the 5H timing.


1.The maximum water volume of the water tank is 150 ml, and the water injection cannot exceed the maximum water level indicator line, otherwise it will affect the atomization effect.

2.Please use DC5V-2A input power, otherwise it will affect the atomization effect or cause damage to the host.

3.It is strictly forbidden to use volatile liquids (such as diffuser, perfumes, etc.), please be sure to use water-soluble essential oils. When there is too little water in the water tank or there is a shortage of water, the equipment will automatically power off and stop working.

The sound emitted inside the water tank during work is the sound of atomization work, which is normal.

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